About Us

Although I’ve always enjoyed crafting, it was not until I retired from working full Dee_headshot_2time that I have had time to really pursue it. Thus, now I am crafting full time and have developed it into a business. My interest in designing and making jewelry happened rather accidentally after my mother and an aunt died and I “inherited” their jewelry.


A few years ago, when I was going to attend a wedding, I needed a necklace to match the dress that I was wearing and remembered that I had seen some beads in my aunt’s stash that I thought would be a good match. So, I got that necklace, broke it apart, added some other beads with them and had a new necklace that matched my outfit perfectly. Then, I decided that one of my cousins might also like a new necklace out of my aunt’s old beads. She was delighted with the new necklace and the sentiment included. My benefit was that I realized a new passion and have been making jewelry ever since.


The first necklaces that I made and sold were all made IMG_1001 from beads.  I especially enjoy using a variety of beads and using a toggle for closure.  The toggle adds a decorative touch and allows for the necklace to be worn in more than one way as there is no distinct front and back with the toggle closure.  In addition to creating unusual necklaces, I started to make other pieces.  My bracelets are made for easy wearing, after hearing women say that they like to wear bracelets but do not because “they are too hard to put on and take off.”  Consequently, I design my bracelets with a magnetic clasp and a safety chain. These are easy to put on and close and there is no risk of losing it with the safety chain.


As times and styles change, the style of my necklaces has also changed.  I am now making more of the trendy, timeless, long, pendant style pieces.  Again, as with my beaded necklaces, these are unique, creatively designed, and “one of a kind.”  My pieces are NOT mass-produced nor do they look like they are!  I have fun using a variety of items combining chains, findings, pendants, and occasionally a few beads to give a beautiful, unique piece, which is always more than adding a pendent to a chain!

Thus as my work gained in popularity and compliments were always being given about the creativity, I realized that, indeed God has blessed me with the gift of creativity.  But in claiming my gift and blessing, I came to realize that He has blessed us all with a gift–a special talent or ability that He wants us to use to glorify Him and bless others.  It is my desire that you will not only enjoy my creations, but also that you will come to know the gift that He has given you and that your gift brings you and others much happiness and many blessings.

Enjoy! — Dee